Ricardo left his home country Colombia to study Architecture in Australia. He felt pressure to continue his profession, but he knew it was not for him. So he turned his talents in design and communication to help attract other international students to Australia to study.
He saw a gap in the market for student accommodation and that is how Bedssi started. Ricardo gives 6 killer tips from his experience. Great interview and one worth listening to.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • 6 killer tips to survive the first year
  • Why making your podcast as simple as possible is best
  • How to grow your business organically
  • Why you need to educate your clients and ask great questions
  • How to run a marketplace with a small team
  • The importance of taking time for yourself
  • How podcasts is a great way of educating yourself – and why you might need accountability to implement
  • Why you should do your most difficult task 1st every morning
  • A great tip of motivating you to delegate your tasks $10/$100/$1000



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