Rana comes from a strong corporate Learning and Development (L&D) background and then ventured out into her own business.
She is self-taught at sales and now helps non sales people to remove the fear of selling.
She aligns her skills with her personal passion of helping those with disabilities.

Why listen 

  • What you should do to build your personal brand and authority
  • Why you need to communicate on the platforms which are best suited to your ideal niche.
  • The number one lever to pull to improve your ability to sell


What you will also learn

  • Why only doing content on Linkedin can be hampering your ability to sell
  • The risk of over-investing in creating content
  • Why targeting a niche will get you better results
  • Why chasing views on social media is not the main game – and what is
  • The three components to improving sales
  • When you should be using a sales CRM


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