Our guest today came from a household of entrepreneurs but pursued a career in finance.
He then paid for some career advice and he learnt what makes him tick and his passion for running his own gig. 
He is on a mission to help self-employed people to contribute to super to leverage the tax benefits and not have to worry about funding retirement. 

Why listen 

  • Know the tax benefits of super
  • Learn how to play to your strengths 


What you will also learn

  • The importance of having the right business model to give certainty in cash flow
  • The power of having different bank accounts to manage your savings
  • Why you need to claim back super contribution to avoid paying higher tax and how Peter’s platform solves for it
  • How not to be put off with that seems too obvious a gap in the market
  • How to play to your strengths and have systems to cover your weaknesses
  • Value of personality profiling


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