Paul Medeiros from The Source Bulk Foods had a responsible role in the hardware industry in Sydney. Together with his girlfriend at the time (now wife) Emma, packed up their things including their trusty dog and headed bush.
The purchased a fruit and veggie store and went about cutting pumpkins for a living.
Over the ten year period, Paul goes into what kept him and Emma together, how one store turned into 42 and why it is important to turn off the distractions in your life and follow your passions and love your family.
This is an inspirational story and one too good to miss out on.
The audio quality is not the best, but it in no ways detracts from Paul’s awesome story.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How to scale a retail concept from 1 store to 42 in 3 countries
  • Why family and friends are so important as a support mechanism when scaling
  • What single-use plastics mean
  • How if you follow your passion the money will come
  • Creating space to think
  • Switching off social media and TV and what you can do with the time you save
  • The pros of a franchise model
  • What is working in social media
  • Importance of having your team aligned to your values
  • Why some meetings can be useful to get all members on the same page
  • Some simple rules which can make a huge impact on your family life
  • How to work with your partner and avoid getting divorced – 4 times!

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