Welcome to the first podcast for  Build Live Give. Today I will take you through my story, give you some insight into my life and the reason I started the Build Live Give Community.
I was a senior executive at Coca-Cola, left and started a series of small businesses until I finally cracked the code. I talk from my first-hand experience and share my exact journey so you can use these experiences to make your mark faster.
I answered a series of questions so please tune in and you can make the decision to include me in your ‘must -listen to’ list.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • Paul’s personal journey of leaving corporate and starting Build Live Give
  • Some behind the scenes moments in Paul’s journey
  • The fears Paul overcame when starting his own business and how to overcome them
  • The support you need when making the change
  • Some great advice on how to scale your business
  • What podcasts to listen to
  • Productivity tips


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Thank You for Tuning In!

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