Patty followed the path her family set out for her. College, Corporate career and an MBA.
This was all great until in 2008 her world changed. Like many Americans, she was let go in the GFC.
She got some help from a coach and leveraged her corporate experience and natural abilities to help others position themselves in a crowded world.

The key benefit of listening to my interview with Patty

  1. How you can show up and be clear
  2. How you can personalise at scale
  3. A very clever way to build strategic partnerships


What you will also learn

  • The importance of using a coach
  • Surrounding yourself with people you would like to be like
  • Different levels of complexity at different revenue revenue
  • How to play to your strengths
  • Why you should not reject all your corporate experience
  • Framework for social proof
  • How to get better at video


Patty’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. The night before, write out the next day
  2. Sit in silence or walk for creative ideas
  3. Phone on Airplane mode


Tech Patty could not live without to run her business


Best source of ideas 

  • Room full of smarter people than you




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