Patrick worked in the financial services industry and was hit by the perfect storm in 2008 and through tenacity has built a 60 strong team helping people to find freedom, not retirement.

The key benefit of listening 

  1. Importance of having coaches in business and personal life
  2. The hierarchy of wealth 60/40 split
  3. How to use Top grading to pick the right people in life – including those that manage your money


What you will also learn 

  • How tenacity can pay off
  • The value of having a business and a life coach
  • The value of getting an attorney or lawyer involved in financial decision
  • How you do anything is how you do everything
  • One of the best investments is in yourself
  • Why wall street doesn’t have your best interests at heart
  • How to select the right partners in business


Patrick’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. Morning routine
  2. Eat and sweat
  3. Show up


Best source of ideas

  • Events


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