Our guest today is Oscar Trimboli who is a leadership coach and author and he talks about how he got the idea to start his own business.
During many successful years at Microsoft, he was also a part of their High Potential talent development program and he realized how much he enjoys coaching and mentoring others.
Different than other corporate escapee stories, Oscar’s corporate life and his former manager encouraged him to follow this path to become a coach.
Oscar is also an expert in listening who help people and organizations to become powerful conscious deep listeners.
This podcast is particularly special since you can find really useful tips and techniques to become a better listener in both your daily and professional lives.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Can Too Organization and how it became a part of his life
  • How his old job at Microsoft directed him to become a coach
  • How to overcome the fears of running your own business
  • His ultimate goal to achieve till 2030
  • Key tips for becoming a better listener
  • How to have better conversations with your children
  • Importance of effective breathing and techniques
  • Who are the ideal clients for Oscar
  • How can many different job fields benefit from better listening skills
  • His new book Art & Science of Listening
  • Other daily habits to help him achieve success
  • Top 3 personal productivity tips


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