Our guest today, Noel Wax is everything we expect from a Build Live Give community member. He once was at the very top of his industry, working as one of the best sports broadcasters in the world. Even though he loved his role, he knew there was more to give. This is when he took the bold step to leave the safety of corporate America and start his own business called the Groundswell Group. Noel talks about the challenges and fears when making this transition.
He now helps corporate brands to connect with Not For Profits to give people great opportunities in life. If you thought that was noble enough, Noel does more with his time to GIVE back.
In this interview, Noel is so passionate about what he does and provides great advise for people looking to Build Live Give.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • The fears you may have when starting your own business and how to overcome them
  • The support you need when making the change
  • Some great advise on how to scale your business
  • Some great tips on personal journaling
  • Two great podcast recommendations

Links mentioned in the podcast

Connect with Noel Wax


Connect With Paul and Build Live Give



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