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So a big shout out to Rob Hiller. He’s CEO of Performance Solutions MN and he really inspired me to have this podcast today. He had an amazing interview on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast by John Jantsch. So we’ll actually have that in the show notes for you, so you can go and listen to it, but he really inspired me to come up with today’s topic.


Today’s topic: No ‘Why’ In Sales


That’s right, to get rid of the ‘why’. And it’s a little different to what you think of. So please trust me. There’s a bit of a story to this, and then I’ll get to the point. So Rob had a life-changing cancer diagnosis and ceased to survive because of the ”No why” philosophy quoting him not me.

He did not ask why he had cancer. He just worked about how he could solve it. This made me reflect on my own journey with my inherited chronic disease. For those that are new to the podcast, I inherited Polycystic Kidney Disease from my mother’s side of the family. Her father died at 41, Mum we nearly lost her at 44. She has now passed because of it, but there’s a 50/50 at birth. And at 18, I knew that, at some point it was going to impact me. I decided not to ask why me and I know my mum was very good in doing that. Instead. I thought, well, what can I do? How can I live life with the condition? In 2011 it got the better of me. I left corporate to plan the eventual kidney failure. And again, I asked, what can I do, right. Not why I got up. What can I do?

In 2018, I went in for laparoscopic surgery to remove a kidney, which is the size of about half a soccer ball weighed about three and a half kilos. It was huge, right? I woke up in ICU with my family telling me I only survived by seconds and the surgeon confirming that. Why he thought he could get it out laparoscopically? I’ll never know. Anyway, I’ve now got a scar, the size of a shark bite to prove that it occurred. I went on dialysis and had to delay my transplant and many dialysis patients find it really hard to do anything, to be honest. And I think the longer you’re on it, the better, but look, I thought, well, I actually feel good. So why not? Why not work? So I wrote a book Build, Live, Give, and, also I continued to work, the whole time with the support of my team, you know, it was three times a week, four and a half hours. It’s a huge chunk of your time. But I sometimes had to beg the nurses to give me a little bit more time so I could finish what I was doing. Cause I really got focused and in the zone. It was strange, but hey it worked for me.


I had an amazing donor, my best friend, Brendan and he gave me a kidney nearly an ideal match, in February, 2019. So I finally got off dialysis and then I spent, so he was out in two days and I really spent the next six months on and off in hospital. And I worked all the time and one particular situation was our 20th anniversary. They gave me two hours off to go have lunch with my wife, which was very kind of them, halfway through, got a phone call, come back to the hospital, and ended up having to move to the original hospital that I had the transplant from because they had to do some more surgery. So, it wasn’t great. And one story that really stuck out to me there, now, it might seem great and you know, a big story to you, but why? Don’t ask why? Right?

So, in all hospitals food’s not great. Okay. I think we can all attest to that. And I was struggling and I was really hungry all the time. And they gave you dry biscuits with no cheese, like who does that? right? It’s just, they go together. So, everyone was sort of complaining. And once again, asking why, and I thought, Oh, well, what am I gonna do here? I’m not meant to leave really, but you know what? They won’t miss me for a little bit, and it’s time to get out in the fresh air. So I snuck down to the local Aldi supermarket. If you got one of those in your country, you’ll know what it is. It’s fantastic. Anyway, grabbed the bag of cheese, brought it back and hid it in the nurse’s fridge. No one sorta knew about it. And I used to sneak around and give people cheese of those that didn’t complain about it, right? Once again, what are you going to do about it? Don’t ask why. So I also set up myself in the nurses station so I could do basic work. They only use it twice a day. So I basically occupied it as my office outside of that. So you can really tell that I was focusing on how I do things, not the why.


So before I continue the story and I’ll get to the point on sales. I like to talk to you about leadjet.io ever looked at a LinkedIn profile and had to manually put up the information or put all the information in your sales CRM? You probably have, it’s a pain, isn’t it. Or even worse. You send a message to someone, someone sends a message to you. You’ve got to manually copy and paste it. No more my friends leadjet.io does both of these activities automatically. So whether it’s you or your VA’s working in the system for you, your virtual assistant, it’s great. It works with most major CRM platforms, customer relationship management platforms. And I say sales ones, including Copper sales CRM that I use, PipeDrive and HubSpot, etcetera. You can check it out for yourself. And I know once you get it, you’ll love it at buildlivegive.com/resources.

So why am I telling you all of this? Right? It’s a bit of a departure from my normal, you know, action-based, full of information that you can do. Because we all get rejected in sales. Right? And we automatically go to the ‘why’ you know, was it something I did? Was it something I said? Was it something I didn’t say? Should’ve I prepared better? We all go down an agonizing path. Right. And what I want you to do is say no to that. Don’t ask why you didn’t get the sale anymore. Okay. I want you to prepare for the next one, because sometimes, you know, 15% of people are ready to buy, the other 85 aren’t. So as humans, we’re meaning making machines, I once did a landmark forum was a great program where they showed examples of us just making meaning where there is none. Alright?


So if you’re doing the same in sales, liberate yourself, don’t go back and ask why. Okay. You can ask why maybe in the sales call, but don’t ask yourself why. So like Robin, I want you to consider asking how to get the next out rather than asking why, you know, cause there is always another way to get that sell. You can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast episode 296 on the app. You’re listening to right now recommend the Pocket Casts app, listen to episode 0.5. If you’re new, it gives you a great overview. If you want to know, if you have a Sales Machine To Get One To Three High Paying Clients a Month, go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/pulse 9 critical questions, three minutes. And then there’s a really great follow-up call with me. Please connect and follow me on LinkedIn. That’s where I put out some of my best work like this. If you know someone interested in sales and this point could be of value to them, please share it with them.

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