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So today's topic is : Never Say Goodbye.

You will learn two key things. 

  1. Is the value of asking questions. 
  2. How to create offers. 

So did you have that song playing in your head? When I read out the title, never say goodbye, who could ever forget that classic by Gloria Gaynor, I always remember it, not just because it's a great song, but also I have a second cousin called Gaynor so it sort of stuck because it's not a very common name, but I am getting distracted.

So the real reason I chose to call the podcast never say goodbye is because so often... basically we let customers go too easy, right? How often do we say goodbye rather than saying, never say goodbye, and I want to give you a bit of an example.

So my wife is a coffee maniac and she brought up a conversation the other day that I thought was really... Yeah, it was really interesting. And it inspired me to do this podcast. So I don't know if you know, but Australians love their ground coffee, right? We're coffee snobs over here. You know, three kilos per capita is what we all drink. And there's some people like me, the fine minority that don't drink it at all. Anyway, my wife would walk up to the local hairdresser to get her coffee each morning. And I think it was actually more than that, but let's just say it's morning and Dean who's, the barista is very creative because his wife has a hairdresser, so she owns the salon, but he's built a hole in the wall, coffee shop and believe me, when he goes on holidays, all the locals cry and you know he must make great coffee cause I don't drink it. I don't know. But everyone goes there and they absolutely love it. So my wife who's name is Linda, which I didn't say before, for her 50, I bought her a coffee machine and it's sort of like the Mercedes-Benz of coffee machines. Now I did buy a coffee company for Coca Cola a long time ago. So I've had one or two coffees and a little bit about coffee, but anyway, this machine was fantastic, and it's called an ACM. If that means anything, a German brand.

So after two weeks, she saw Dean as she was walking past to go to the local supermarket and he said, Hey, Linda, you know, I haven't seen you. And he's a great guy, right? So very friendly. That's why also the locals love him. But you know, I haven't seen you for a while. Have you been away? What's been happening. And then she said, look, you know, I'm embarrassed to say that my husband bought me a great coffee machine and now I make it at home. And you know, she was a bit embarrassed to leave him as a client because Dean's a great guy. And then Dean did something that I think many people miss.

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So what did Dean say? Did you have a think about it during that break? And what did he say? So I can tell you that he didn't say: Great Linda or I'll see around and wave a bye no look, most of us, to be honest, we'd do that. But you know, he's more than a friendly barista and he asks some good questions. So how do you enjoy making your own coffee? How does it compare to mine with a big grin on his face? And you know, but then and it's sort of Linda sass that he might be getting to something, but you know, he did it in such a conversational, great way that wasn't obvious. And then he asked the killer question. Can you guess what he said next? Where are you getting your beans from? And Linda pause and didn't really have a solution. We'd been given a couple with the machine, but after that, she didn't know. Now, technically Dean's not allowed to wholesale he's beans because you know, the suppliers to him get a bit cranky at that. But Hey, Linda was a great customer. They got along well and he was willing to turn a blind eye. So Linda became a customer of Dean's again or continued the relationship. It was a win-win. Okay. So he sold more beans. Linda had more coffee, it was a great bean and it all worked well.

So where can we be more like Dean, when our customers go to say goodbye, okay. Or have already said goodbye, what could we sell them? Could we sell them another service? Could we ask them if they have someone like them that needs their service? At worst, could we ask them for a lovely testimonial? Often what we'll do is, you know we're sometimes a little bit of a jar when a client leaves and we miss these opportunities.


So three key actions from today.

  1. Go through your past client list and think how you can re-engage them 
  2. Have a way of asking better questions when someone does leave you or goes to leave you
  3. Have a coffee on me and please send me the bill.

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