Nelson worked in tech for 10 years in Silicon Valley. He looked ahead and wasn’t keen to spend the next 30 years in a cubicle so he decided to leave.
It took the support of others before he finally jumped 3 years later.
He followed his passion for personal training and now helps fellow PTs to love their business because all the finances are sorted.

The key benefit of listening 

  1. The benefits of having your own voice
  2. How to focus on income and not revenue
  3. How to protect your assets as you move your business to online


What you will also learn

  • What is the key mindset change he made to make it in his own business
  • What are some of the key controllable assets and how to improve them
  • What % of revenue on marketing you should invest
  • Where is Gen Z hanging out on social
  • How to get to know your audience if they are not in your age group


Nelson’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. Read
  2. Patient
  3. Have time to yourself


Tech Nelson could not live without to run his business

  • Cell phone


Best source of ideas

  • Engaging with his clients – Gen Z




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