Nathan Wade from Marketing Juice has a natural talent for search engine optimisation and quickly became known as the search marketing specialist within his network.
Finally, someone talking about SEO who you can understand. Listen to Nathan making sense of SEO.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • What SEO really mean
  • Why it’s hard to outsmart Google
  • Why it’s important to be smarter than your competitors
  • The key challenges that business owners face when it comes to SEO
  • Why you need to identify who your ideal clients are
  • Why you need to know what the best platform to use
  • The difference between on page and offsite SEO
  • Tips on picking the right SEO mentor/agency
  • SEO doesn’t need to be slow
  • The correlation between how much you spend and how quickly you get results
  • Why results depend on the business and their individual priorities
  • Doing SEO yourself versus going with an agency
  • Tips on doing SEO on your own

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