Mollie spent most of her early career understanding how to better communicate with people. She ran non-verbal events and was so obsessed with helping others she forgot to take care of herself. 😔
Her sleep patterns became so poor that she was an insomniac.
Having created skills to solve this for herself, she now wants to transform the conversation about sleep for others.

The key benefit of listening

  1. Bust the key myths around sleep
  2. Learn some of the daily habits to improve your night’s sleep
  3. Some cool apps to help you take control of your sleep


What you will also learn

  • How she has the discipline to email for 1,833 days straight and the impacts it has on her and others
  • The importance of your eye gaze
  • How to detect body language over video calls
  • The importance of time blocking
  • Benefits of a sleep buddy
  • Using pocketapp to have your content read to you
  • Tips to improve your online course


Mollie’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. Get your environment right
  2. Use the Spar! App
  3. Stick to the fundamentals


Tech Mollie could not live without to run his business


Best source of ideas

  • RSS feeds




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