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Are you switching gears to scale your business? Are you coming up with a new ideal client? If you’ve been building your network over the years, there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is mine your network. In this episode, you will learn why you should start by mining your network, how to do that, and some examples and success stories.


0:23 – What are you going to learn in this episode?
1:31 – Why mine your network?
4:45 – How to mine your network?
6:48 – Examples and success stories
8:35 – Three key actions from today


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Why mine your network

Since 1994, I’ve looked to expand my professional network and back then, I used the classic Rolodex to collect business cards. On the back of the card, I always wrote how I met the person, their personal information (wife, kids) and the value that I’ve added to them. My network has evolved over my 28 years in business, and so has the technology. It used to be a pain to carry those Rolodexes everywhere. But the principles stay the same: People like to do business with people they like, know, and trust. 

I have 2,891 people in my network at the time we’re recording this podcast. I’ve spoken to all of them at some point and added value to many of them, if not all. I’m trying to say here that your network may not need your help right now, but they may know people who do need your help right now. And since I’ve changed my ideal client, I needed the help of my network to build my new audience.


How to mine your network?

As I mentioned before, tech has come a long way in helping you to organize your network. I use Copper CRM and Gmail templates to expedite the process when contacting someone on my network (and scale your business, for that matter). There are two ways you could do this: Start from your last contacted person and work back or go through alphabetically. I’ve tried both, but I prefer the second because it’s easy to know who’ve you last contacted. In prep for sending the emails, I read through the personal information I gathered and the value I’ve given them. And here is the email template I use:

Subject line: Quick question (name). Not an automated message 😉


  • Ask about family
  • Add value if you haven’t in the past
  • State who you are looking for in their network 
  • How you will help them 
  • Who they can send their way 


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Examples and success stories 

Tom Moin: Co-founder of Triggr, one of my sponsors. I have promoted his platform and added value, so he came back with three names when I asked him to get some names. I didn’t know he worked for Hubspot in the past, and he connected me with some of the partners.

Richard White: Founder of Fathom Video, another sponsor. He had prior experience in helping them set up Hubspot, so he connected me to another Hubspot partner.

Tom Poland: From, an expert in Webinars. We’ve worked together in the past and been in each other’s podcasts. So he introduced me to a partner with complementary services, and he’s got a different marketplace because he lives in Denmark.

It’s a fantastic way to build relationships and scale your business by leveraging or mining your network. But the best part is that you don’t have to worry about marketing agencies, ads, cold email campaigns and so on. It’s pretty simple, but it takes a bit of your time.


Three key actions from today

  1. If you haven’t started building your knowledge in your CRM, start today.
  2. Set a goal for what you need to achieve at the moment.
  3. Run a test and see if your network responds in a positive way as mine has.


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