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If you are changing your outreach strategy, niching down your ideal client or just looking to expand your network, you need to listen to this episode. Paul explains the value of mining your existing network and shares one example that will guide you through the process.


01:01 – How do you add people to your network?

01:27 – My outreach strategy.

02:30 – People you already work with vs new ones.

05:50 – What could you mine your network for?

06:12 – Three key actions from today


Rethinking my outreach strategy

The recent 100 weekly limit on connections on LinkedIn made me rethink my outreach strategy. We’re adding about 350 new connections a week. While I reached out to every one of them and helped where I could —some became clients, and I gave value to others through my list, my podcast, or anything else that I could find— I wasn’t leveraging my existing network enough.

Then I checked Copper, my sales CRM, to see the interaction dates, from the most to the least days I’ve contacted someone. I was amazed at the quality of people that were in my network that I had completely ignored. We are focused on constantly adding new leads that we forget to look at the people we already had.


How to leverage my network

I am pivoting my ideal client to focus more on tech consultants and cloud business. It makes sense as I scaled a SaaS partner business and exited one in 2019. So now I’ve got very current experience in that. And I have a hypothesis that I want to validate. I have about 273 people connected in that SaaS and cloud space, so I reached out to interview the people in that field. I also asked them to introduce me to people that were a mutual connection of theirs on LinkedIn. I don’t do that enough, but it’s so much easier when someone introduces you, and I’ve rarely ever found that someone won’t meet with you once someone has introduced you. The power of mining my network resulted in a lot of deeper research. What about yours? It could be research like I’ve just done, or it could be referrals, testimonials, clients, strategic partners, or partnerships.


Three key actions from today

  1. Label your network in your CRM to make it easier in the future to mine.
  2. Set up a specific project to mine your network based on some of the examples that I gave.
  3. Send me an example of how you’ve done it in the past or how you will do it in the future at [email protected].

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