Michael’s father was doing work/life integration before it was a thing. His dad was a writer and Michael knew one day he would follow his lead.
He started working at a small publisher, went to a large corporate and realised small business was for him.
Michael shares some great insights in the publishing world and provides content which you find very hard to access. Grab a paper and pen and get ready for some gold.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Some of the downsides of working in corporate
  • How to acquire skills to learn how to run your own business
  • How access and speed are the two advantages to self-publishing
  • Why a publisher is like a movie producer and what services they provide
  • How to scale a business with no marketing
  • What work/life integration means and how to achieve it
  • How to scale a business without putting on more staff
  • What conversations to have with your life partner when making the transition
  • How to batch emails
  • Importance of taking action

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