Max comes from 4th generation entrepreneurship and didn’t realise how much of a pioneer his dad Bob was growing up as a child.  He tried working as a marketing consultant but knew running his own gig was the right path for him. He now helps agency owners to put their personal life first. 

Why listen

  • Max shares some truly compelling reasons to put personal life first
  • Learn why you should 10x your business and not double it
  • Know what is the most painful experience in business and how to avoid it


What you will also learn

  • What you can learn from Dan Sullivans high-level mastermind 
  • Why relationships are so important as a solopreneur 
  • How to close the gap where you are now and the horizon
  • Why he loves the saying – You can’t choose the outcome only the journey  
  • Why focus on knowledge and not the operations
  • Why you should not give all your knowledge away for free
  • Why podcasting is one of the best ways to get new clients
  • The opportunity cost of working with the wrong clients 


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