Want to better use your time?
Mark was let go in 2005 and thought he would start his own photography business. He went to learn how to speak more, they said he was a natural.
Sometimes what is obvious to others is not obvious to you. Mark’s coach highlighted he was gifted in productivity and that advise leads Mark to help people to better use their time.

Why listen 

  • Mark takes you through the ODAE model
  • His number one learning from Brendon Burchard about content
  • His killer question which helps clients eliminate the unnecessary


What you will also learn

  • The number one tip to help you build relationships on Linkedin leading to happy clients
  • Importance of daily planning and how to do it
  • The two ways he is going to 10x his business this year
  • Why many solopreneurs struggle with delegation and how to fit it
  • Importance of a morning routine which is not geo bound
  • Importance of exercise on preventing Alzheimer


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