Maree Burgess has been made redundant three times in her corporate career, started and closed down her own business during the GFC and today runs her own consultancy business helping middle managers to create a calm culture.
Maree packs in so much value in the episode and it is one not to miss out on.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How to look at the positive side of redundancy
  • When to make the decision to shut down your business and go back to corporate
  • The key reasons why a consulting practise doesn’t work and how to avoid them
  • How peers can be a great support mechanism for you
  • What it takes to create a calm culture
  • The three levels of conversation and the impacts they have
  • Why niching down is so critical to succeed
  • How to say NO to opportunities
  • How to be comfortable with selling your IP and not yourself
  • What freedom looks like when you run your own business
  • The eight-minute rule and how it will help you be more productive

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