Louise Brogan was a traveller and on a chance encounter, she met someone in IT and decided that was going to be the career path for her. After working for a leading telco it became apparent that promotions and part-time work didn’t jell. She left and started a craft shop on the side until a mentor gave her a new perspective and she started helping women entrepreneurs to improve their presence online.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Why having a safety net is important when you make the transition from Corporate
  • Using a mentor to give you a different perspective – one that can make a material difference in your life
  • Stick to one social media platform – where your audience engage for business
  • Focusing on your wins and celebrating them no matter how bad your week has gone
  • Having the confidence to increase your prices
  • What you can outsource and what you should do yourself
  • The downside of having too many priorities
  • Commenting on posts in LinkedIn can raise your profile


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