01:05 – Do you look out of the windscreen or the review mirror?
01:59 – Online courses
03:05 – Golf
04:27 – Your list
04:55 – Webinars
05:18 – Community
06:00 – Ideal clients
06:40 – Partnerships
07:28 – Podcast guesting
08:02 – Podcasting
08:38 – Team
09:22 – Outreach
10:04 – Platforms
10:37 – Messaging


Looking Back to Move Forward

Accelerating Sales to Scale your Business

This will be the last episode for 2021, and as we all look forward to a better year, Paul looks back to draw on what he has achieved this year. During this episode, he shares the key focus as a team and, most importantly, the learnings to apply to scale his business in 2022.



Looking out the rearview mirror: This is what I achieved in 2021 and the key learnings


  • Online courses: I was determined to launch an online course that was going to support my group coaching. The key learning here was to stick to what you love, and what I love is running memberships. I realized that developing courses wasn’t something that I really enjoyed. The great news is that I didn’t launch the course, but I did take a lot of the learnings with the help of Maria Doyle. I learned a key technique called Ask–Teach–Ask: You ask someone about a topic first, then you teach your topics, and then you ask them at the end what they learned.


  • Golf: The medication I take for my transplant means that I have a 90% chance of getting melanoma cancer. I love to cycle, but there’s not much you can do to hide from the sun. But with golf, it’s a lot easier. You can have an umbrella, or I can use more protective clothing. So I got some golf lessons to do a swing rebuild. And if you’re not a golfer, it’s basically starting from scratch. It was excruciatingly painful. I can’t believe how bad I played for a period of time. But the key learning for me was that sometimes in business, you have to go slow to go fast. It’s taken me 12 months, but now I have a golf swing that I’ve always wanted, and it’s well worth it.


  • List: I had hundreds of people I had connected with, but I had not invited them to my list. With the help of Julian Danylak, we ran a campaign to entice people to be on the list. It was a free three month trial of the sales machine before doing a webinar campaign. So we build the list and then do the webinar. The key learning here is using an expert and having a really compelling offer to get people to join your list.


  • Webinars: I had the great help of Sarah Gray, and we launched a webinar. We built a fantastic process, and the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) is all Asana. But it didn’t work the way we wanted. The key learning here was, make sure you have an offer that converts before you turn it into a webinar.


  • Community: Even though I have my own community (The Sales Machine), I wanted to go and join another community. So I joined a community run by a great guy called Taki Moore called Black Belt. My objective was to improve my marketing. He was doing a lot of brilliant stuff, but it wasn’t exactly the areas I wanted to improve. I wanted to improve LinkedIn outreach, partnerships, and strategic referral partners, and there wasn’t much covered in that space. The key learning here was to make sure that the detail of what’s in the curriculum is matched to your goals.


  • Ideal clients: After selling my cloud business in 2019, I was focusing on coaches and consultants, and then I ventured into private banking. And to be honest, it’s a field that I’ve always been interested in, and I had a financial, but I’d never worked in the industry. And my key learning was to leverage your existing experience. It’s so much easier.


  • Partnerships: I entered into discussions to create a joint venture or a partnership with a company that specializes in LinkedIn ads and outreach. It made sense to match their skills with my skills because we were mainly focusing on the content piece within LinkedIn. I got along with one of the directors, but it wasn’t quite a fit. My key learning here was that the people you work with is the most important thing. If you’re going to go in a partnership, you’ve got to be a hundred per cent sure for the partners you’re going into and their ideal clients aligned to yours.


  • Podcast guesting: I ramped this up to be on at least one show a week. My team did a great job in doing that. We built a good internal process and what we did was use a lot of videos to get onto the shows. My key learning here around podcast guesting is to add value to their hosts before you request to go on the show.


  • Podcasting: It was time to change the name of the podcast. It was Build Live Give, and whilst it’s a philosophy I live by —Build a great business, live a good life and give back— it was not working. With the help of Melanie Benson, I rebranded to Accelerate Sales, and it’s what you’re listening to now. The key learning here is Link SEO and keywords when developing your podcast brand and episodes.


  • Team: We reviewed skills to tasks and brought on some new team members. We used a platform called Airtable to document them. The key learning here is to focus on key tasks and not job titles.


  • Outreach: In 2021, we tested many different types of messaging for LinkedIn outreach. But the algorithm changed, and so did the connection limit (one hundred connections a week). I think that was good for the platform because It reduced some of the spam. But it also meant that you spent more time focusing on your existing connections. We first incorporated email before sending a connection request and used a BombBomb as the email video tool. My key learning there was to make it more personal and make sure that they’ve got an interest in the topic that you do first.


  • Platforms: We moved from Slack to Mighty Networks for the Sales Machine membership. My key learning here is you cannot communicate enough. So many people with multiple platforms and multiple things can’t keep up with the little things. It’s really important to communicate, use a lot of video and make sure that you also help those members that struggle with technology.


  • Messaging: It links to the ideal client. I got the help of Rachel B. Lee, who was wonderful to help me with the messaging. What we did was create a whole new website copy and also a LinkedIn profile. So, leveraging my experience from already exiting our cloud business just made so much sense. When I say cloud business, they’re predominantly tech resellers and cloud consultants. My biggest learning is to be patient when making a significant change like that because it takes time to build the right people on your list and network again.


This will be the last episode for 2021. The next will be on the 11th of January 22, depends where you’re listening to in the world. I want to thank you for listening and subscribing and those that have left a review. I really love doing this, and I’d love to hear more feedback from you. So please reach out to me. I’m very accessible on my email at [email protected]. I wish you and your families and friends all the best for a festive season ahead.


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