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So today’s topic is LinkedIn Outreach.


You’ll learn what doesn’t work. Let’s get that out of the road first. And then more importantly, what is working. And so I’ve got a bit of a head cold at the moment, not COVID, but I’ve got a bit of a head cold. So if I sound a little different that’s why.

So what is LinkedIn outreach? What I describe it as is sending connection requests and messages to first, second and third connections. And often people forget about their first connections, it’s the best place to start. Then you send follow-up messages to them, right. And you know, different messages once they accept your connection. And I think the other key thing here is that, you know, I always call it the three P’s. The first thing is you’ve got to have your profile set up right. And if you want some information on that, just go to Build your authority on LinkedIn, You’ll get some tips on that and also posting, right? Because you know when you look at a connection request, often you’ll go and look at their profile and you’ll look at their activity to see if they’re someone you can trust. So that’s a bit of a setup.


So what doesn’t work,

and I’ve got to preface this by saying it’s from my personal experience, the 70 odd people that we’ve got in the Sales Machine, the membership I run and also from my peers, so it won’t be your experience, but it’s certainly my experience. So it’s more of an opinion from my experience. So the context also is selling high ticket services, right? That’s what we mainly do. And that’s what I help people do.


1. So the first one is poor qualification.

So you know, the old saying garbage in, garbage out. And I just see this time and time again certainly when people engage third party agencies, there are some really good ones out there, which I’ll talk about in a moment. But for me, when I’ve done it with third party agencies, for some of them, it hasn’t worked because they’ve just given me lots of leads, but unqualified leads.


2. You connect and pitch.

Right. We all know. And, I got someone the other day sent me a message saying, thanks for such a lovely way of approaching me. Not like the spam I normally get. So we all get it, the big question I always ask myself, is: Would I send this? Would I open the connection? And would I reply to the first message? Right? So we all get that. I won’t dwell on it.


3. Long blurbs

”Thanks, you’ve connected” and then you get paragraphs of information, most people on their mobile phone, most people including you are incredibly busy, right? They don’t want to diatribe. Remember we’re all in the world of chat these days that’s what we’re used to, so you’ve got to keep it that short.


4. Sales navigator

Overwhelmed, right? You might’ve bought it. You don’t know what to do with it. The second thing is that you have all of these lists in different geographies and different roles, and they’ve all got different sizes. So it can be quite overwhelming. I know that was the case for me. You try to do it all yourself. And I did this to begin with and it just doesn’t work, right? Like I said, you’ve got a full-time job, which is normally delivering your service. Then you’re doing sales on top. And if you get overwhelmed by LinkedIn, it can be an absolute rabbit hole.


5. You don’t have a sales CRM to track.

So you miss follow up. Right. It just slips through the cracks. I was talking to someone the other day and they we’re using a certain email automation platform and it kept bouncing, but they didn’t know. So all the follow-up emails didn’t get through. And I was thousands of dollars that they missed, but it’s also very hard to track and remember everybody in your own mind. So not having that can really cost you dollars.


6. And the last one is using industry-wide scripts. Right?

We’ve all seen them, it’s all by some of the key guys that try and it’s like boring, okay. Go to sleep. So there are some of the things that we found that don’t work.

Okay. So before I go into what is working well, I’d like to talk to you about the Sales Machine. I mentioned it above. It’s a community for service-based owners, coaches, and consultants to build authority and get one to three high quality leads a week using LinkedIn. We remove the noise from you and show you what the 1% of people are doing that are as successful rather than all the noise of the other 99 selling at you. All you gotta do is go to buildlivegive.com/sm. I’ve got a free on demand masterclass, just go and watch it. And It’ll give you my absolute best on the topic.


So what is working from our experience?

And it’s really the flip right of what’s not working.


1. So the first is quality not quantity, in the qualification

Just do make sure that you’re very, very specific on your ideal client and you train your team to find them like I’m still 12 months in working with my dedicated team member on doing this for me. And I still vet each time, not all of them, but I’d take samples every time we have a call, we have two calls a week and I’ll go through and say, well, why did you pick this one? What was the purpose behind that one? And the other one, guess what you change your mind. Yes, we do. As business owners change who your ideal clients are, but we’ve got to make sure our team is in line with that. So it’s really important.


2. The next one is hot potato.

So I call it the hot potato, you’ve got a hot potato. You don’t want to hang on to it. You want to throw it to the next person, right. And vice versa. So just ask little short questions. And I’ve got to say one of the best in the world at this is a guy called Taki Moore, I’m doing his black belt program at the moment. And he’s just got some great one words. And it really it’s like you’re in a café or a bar and you’re actually having a conversation. You wouldn’t walk up and have a huge dialogue and then wait for someone to reply, right? Little short nine words, normally are great with a question mark, to get them to engage and be friendly and personable. And a bit of humour never goes astray.


3. The next one is to test different messages, right?

Because different people respond to different things. And how do you know if you’re not testing them? And it doesn’t have to be a fully integrated test where you’ve got a sample size of 500 people on whatever, just keep testing them and seeing what they are. The other one, which I talked about sales navigator, things that aren’t working well above is, have really clean lists and have no more than 900 contexts. And when you look at that in sales navigator, you can see who’s been on LinkedIn in the last 30 days, that’s a great indicator. Okay. Or how active they are on LinkedIn as well. So that’s another qualification.


4. Hire a VA, a dedicated VA.

I’ve spoken about this. So it’s really a fork in the road, right? You can either hire an agency or you can hire a VA. I’ve done a bit of both at the moment. We’re actually in-house, we’re using a dedicated resource and that’s working really well. Now, if you’re just kicking off your news or a part-time one, but it’s really important that you’re doing the sales component, either calls, etcetera. And they’re doing a lot of the other activities on your behalf.


5. The next, which is I said that fork in the road, you can hire an agency.

And like I said, some agencies just give you lots of leads that are unqualified, but I’ve found the needle in the haystack. So if you want some help referring me to you for a great agency, just please reach out.


6. The next is set up a sales CRM, right?

We use Copper, which is fantastic, but there’s so many great options out there: Copper, Pipe drive, I could go on and on. We used to sell sales CRM’s in the agency. So I know this space really well. The one thing I will say is any CRM is better than none, right? So I highly recommend that.


7. Now the next one is a little extension that we’ve loved

Like if you’re struggling with copying messages across all your VA’s , and it all gets a bit confusing, cause let’s face it. LinkedIn messenger is not the best platform in the world. You can now use a brilliant tool that will actually allow you to directly press a button in LinkedIn. And the messages go straight into your sales CRM. It’s absolutely brand. So it’s leadjet.io and David, one of the founders actually coming on the show in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to interview him. So certainly look out for that.


8. And the last one consistently testing different messages, right?

But you know which ones work, which ones don’t well, keep track of them. So I use Airtable. You could use a Google sheet, you could use whatever you want, but I love the Airtable where it allows you to have a different category, sort it a lot easier. And that’s where my team can go and look at all the scripts that we’ve used and pick the best because a set script will never work, but different scenarios and having those scenarios and how you might reply does. So I know this one was a bit longer than normal, but I really love this topic. And love to hear from you on this topic.


So three key actions from this podcast:

  1. One is ask me for specific questions, right? I’ve given you an overview, but your specific questions ask me, test me out. paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions.
  2. As I said before, go to buildlivegive.com/sm for more tips, there’s a great masterclass on demand.
  3. The next is hit me up to get samples of our best performing messages. Right? Reach out to me. I’m happy to share those ones that are working best.


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