Lindsay Gordon started work in Australia, moved to San Francisco and ended up working at Google doing customer support. She enjoyed it but saw a gap in recruitment and development and started a side business to re-risk the move.
Her passion for customer service was replaced with helping analytical people to find the right career and the rest is history.
Lindsay shares enormous value in the podcast on how to build your own career – be it working for someone or yourself.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How to build a side hustle and testing the market
  • What resources to tap into to build your own business
  • Why you need to be the number one voice for your business and leave no stone unturned
  • What you should do if you are uninspired or crushed in your job
  • What models to apply to scale your business past your available hours
  • How to package your services to raise rates
  • How to use a coach to get perspective as you are too close to your own business
  • An ingenious but simple way of remembering your key priorities
  • Find your community to not do it all on your own



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