The key benefit of listening 

  1. Who to message
  2. What to say
  3. How to follow up


Who to message 

When 1, 2 3 connection likes and comments on your post you have a choice to make on whether you connect or message them or not. I only reach out to people who fit my ideal client profile.


What to say

If a 2nd or 3rd connection, then send a connection request saying:
Hi first name – Thank you for liking/commenting on my post [insert topic]. Would you be open to connecting? Cheers..Paul

If they accept, then send:
First name – Thanks for connecting. I look forward to following your content. What is your key focus at the moment? 

Once they reply, I use a couple of technics

  • Like meeting someone for a virtual coffee
  • Ask short open questions relating to their focus. eg. might talk about getting awareness to product X
  • What have you tried which is working well?
  • Adding value. I look at their LI posts and give then short videos on what they could tweak to improve their posts
  • Then I ask them if they are open for a call to find out more? If yes then, then I send them a booking link
  • Only one question at a time – always open
  • I keep my best-performing questions in Evernote
  • Getting 80% response rate helped by posting content first
  • Like to see some examples, connect with me on LI quoting this podcast


How to follow up

I have VAs who track messages in LI and put leads into Copper my Sales CRM
I find LI a pain to track messages and sales fall through the cracks
If someone has opened my email (shown in copper) and not replied I will send them a video of something they can get value from relating to LinkedIn. Personalise to them. Much better than saying I am following up. People can join the dots.
I use Dubb for this and record on my iPhone showing their screen and me talking them through it. I can track on Dubb views as well.

If I am getting no love I will send them this script:
I am guessing you are very busy and time is critical, so please reply with a 1,2 or 3:

  1. Now is not a good time. I will come back when I am ready
  2. I have found a solution and no longer need your help. Like to keep in contact 
  3. I am still interested, and please keep following up with me


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