Our guest today is Kyla Martin from HealthChase had a great career in corporate and loved travelling the world and learning new skills. She left corporate and went into a fast scaling startup that had a happy exit.

After having her family she then embarked on following her passion for wellness to create a platform with her business partner Helen. Together with the support of their family and friends, are on a course to change wellness globally.


What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of listening to feedback in startups
  • What it is like to work with a business partner and what you need to get right to make it work
  • What the evidence is saying about how to best change behaviours
  • How to arrive at your ideal client
  • The importance of peer to peer sharing
  • Gamification and fun and the role they play in behaviour change
  • How they have opened doors to get the right global partners on board
  • How to automate
  • Leveraging diverse skills to complement your strengths
  • How to balance growth and cash flow
  • Time blocking
  • The 3P to productivity


Links mentioned in the podcast


Connect with Kyla Martin


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