Our guest today is Koby Jones from the SILC Group.

Koby had only three days off from finishing school and starting a career in the Building Services industry. He then moved into Financial Services and studied at night. He worked for 3 out of the 4 top banks in Australia and worked in a boutique investment bank.

Seven years ago he decided he wanted to be in control of his own destiny and sold his house to fund the founding of the SILC Group. Today, he works with some of Australia’s top Family offices and high net worth individuals.

He shares what they do differently and how you can learn from them to scale your business.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The risks of staying in corporate
  • What activities high net worth people do and how we can learn from them
  • The importance of people and culture in scaling your business
  • What to avoid when scaling too fast
  • Thoughts around what you should invest in when scaling your business
  • Some habits he is not about when it comes to his daily routine
  • Importance of writing down your ideas
  • Video journalling


Links mentioned in the podcast

Connect with Koby Jones


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