Our guest Kirrily Graham from The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation Australia started her career in Interior design and then went into sales and thought she was doing a great job. Unfortunately, her new GM didn’t agree and she was unexpectedly let go.

She went through an extensive process to find what she was truly passionate about and went into leadership development.
She loved her new career, however, after 8 years she realised there was nowhere to go and she took the brave step to start her own business, along with her business partner.
During this time (some 17 years) she volunteered for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. One late night after a function with them, she decided to leave her business and work full time with the Foundation.
She is one of the very lucky few who can combine her passion with her work.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • What help to get if you are let go unexpectedly
  • What to do when changing behaviours
  • Importance of matching your personality with your business model
  • How the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation helps impoverished children
  • How you can contribute
  • How to stand out in the charitable space
  • Platforms to run a global team
  • Networking tips
  • What leaders should focus on
  • How to make sure it happens
  • Default calendar


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