Kelly Exeter from Swish Design convinced her boss that she was going to work as an employee for the rest of her days. Then within 2 weeks she had resigned and started her own design agency which is still going some 11 years later.

Kelly talks openly about the challenges she faced with running her own business whilst having children. Thanks to the support of her husband Anthony, she was able to work it through. The lessons she learnt the hard way are not to be missed.
Kelly also gives some excellent advice about why a website is an investment and she provides a great framing for people sitting on the fence of launching their site.
Kelly is a wealth of information and this is a great podcast to listen to regardless of where you are in your struggles to scale your own business.

What you will learn in the podcast
  • How to bounce back from rock bottom in your business
  • The importance of a supportive partner
  • The most important reason to update your website
  • How perfectionism gets in the way of progress
  • The challenges of running an agency and how to tackle recurring income
  • Why you need to innovate and not set and forget
  • 4% of actions account for 64% of the result
  • Work on doing less
  • Be realistic about your value proposition and how to make it sustainable and able to be replicated


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