For the last fifteen years, Jules Brooke has been teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs
how to grow their sales and get the phone ringing by getting featured for free in the media.
She has owned and operated a number of small businesses herself and ran a PR agency
specialising in small business clients, start-ups and entrepreneurs for well over a decade. She
has worked in most disciplines in marketing, both in Australia and overseas, and loves to share
her knowledge and experience with her customers.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How she got her break into PR through saying yes to one of Australia’s best known comedians
  • Why employing a PR agency may not be the best financial decision you can make
  • The common challenges small business owners face when it comes to doing their own PR
  • What makes a newsworthy story and what definitely doesn’t
  • What headlines and opening lines you will need to craft to stand out in the 100’s of requests journalists get each day
  • Why journalists need stories direct from small business owners
  • How to align to a hot topic in your country
  • Why traditional media is still worth considering
  • How you can find a solution which does not rob you of your time
  • How to get FREE PR
  • How to avoid sounding salesy and getting overlooked for PR
  • Why photography is so important
  • How to treat high res files
  • How to source questions for your PR release


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