As part of completing law in Canada, you have to work 10 months in a Law Firm. This was the best thing Josh ever did because he came to the realisation working in a Law firm was not for him. 
He took an opportunity to be mentored and start his own firm and after picking the right industry, he has grown rapidly. He talks about how he is building his team, giving back through his passion project Soloprenuer Grind and his plans for growth.
Great podcast for any solopreneur to listen to.

What you will learn in the podcast 

  • How to build a public profile as an introvert
  • How to capture knowledge to help you scale
  • Why having a mentor is so important 
  • The 3 essential skills he has learnt from interviewing solopreneurs on his show – including yours truly
  • Why the tech industry in Canada is booming and how he is levering it
  • Great tips on closing more deals
  • His morning routine and daily naps



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