Josh Greenberg from Green Mountain Lodge was given an amazing break at College to combine his love for music with one of the greatest lifestyle brands on the planet – Red Bull. 
He was tapped on the shoulder to work for Spotify – a mere 240m subscribers, to take their digital assets into live experiences. 
The growing pains at Spotify began taking their toll and when an opportunity came up to move to Denmark for his wife’s career, he decided to take the brave step and start his own consulting business.

Why listen

  • Behind the scenes view into 2 amazing companies and how you can apply the learning to your business
  • Where podcasting is heading and how it will impact the small end of town 
  • The importance of business development and 2 approaches to use 


What you will also learn

  • What makes an outstanding self-owned business 
  • How to build lasting relationships in new territories 
  • How to find your most creative space 
  • Why locking activities in your calendar is beneficial 


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