Jorge Gasca from Three Steps Business ran his own business ventures aged 12. Post Uni, he went into corporate and in hindsight had too much responsibility too quickly. 
He moved to Australia from Columbia to further his studies and to learn English. 
He built up a side hustle and left corporate to run it full time only to lose the business 4 weeks later. 
Supported by his wife, he started again. And now helps solopreneurs to gain and retain more clients.

Why listen

  • Learn how to recover from business disasters 
  • Get to know what most solopreneurs miss in marketing automation
  • Learn what to focus on to 2x your business 


What you will also learn

  • His three-step model of Attraction, Conversion and Retention
  • Why data is so important to double your business
  • How to decide on one platform for marketing automation or splitting them 
  • What most solopreneurs don’t do for marketing automation
  • How to build partners for one to many leads
  • How to let go 


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