Jonathan traveled the world for 15 years starting many entrepreneurial endeavors.
His second last was a video animation business, but his heart was not in it.
This is when he leveraged his knowledge of working remotely to help people make the same shift.

The key benefit of listening to my interview with Jonathan

  1. The value of going within to find your ideal remote career
  2. The power of diagnostic tools to help you make life-changing decisions
  3. The benefit of habit trackers when you work solo


What you will also learn

  • How to live a minimalist lifestyle
  • Value of Linkedin organic posting
  • Importance of getting results for clients
  • The obsessive nature of TikTok


Jonathan’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  1. Managing his energy levels
  2. Reduce info overload
  3. Look inside to find the answer


Tech Jonathan could not live without to run his business


Best source of ideas

  • Going inside of yourself




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