John Hoctor from Watch Me Think started his corporate career in market research working for Mintel in the UK. He then went on to establish the US office and also Australia.
He loved the work but had a strong desire to start his own business. He left Mintel and started a consumer research business with some colleagues. They saw a need to better understand actual consumer behaviour by capturing and analysing real behaviours taken by self video.
Over the next seven years, the team have created a global business funded through working capital. John talks about his fears, overcoming them and also provides some excellent advise for small business owners on how to get better consumer insights without breaking the budget.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of selecting the right partners
  • How you need to work with your doubts and the 1st step is the hardest
  • Importance of excellent support group and John talks specifically about his
  • Consumer research tips that will save you money and time by not launching poor products
  • Why recruiting smarter people than you can help you scale
  • The importance of passionate clients and how to select them
  • Having mentors who can help you during the difficult startup phase
  • Doing the most challenging thing first up in the morning

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