John Di Natale from Equi Wealth is as colourful as his extensive career is.
John started in property, then went into radio, franchising and business consulting and now finds himself back to where it all started.
John’s business experience is displayed in all sections of this podcast.
John talks about the importance of avoiding the scarcity mindset.
He is someone who both advises and does, a rare combination in a world full of fake experts.
You will get a lot of wisdom from John as he shares his experiences in a relaxed and informative way.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • What it takes to be successful in franchising
  • The conflicting forces which occur in corporate
  • Why 5 am may not be the best time to work for everyone
  • What he has learnt from successful business and sporting people and how it may apply to rapidly growing a business
  • The one skill all successful business owners have
  • How to avoid distractions and the risks if you don’t
  • How to pick the right referral partners and a killer tip to making them work
  • Why doing it all can have such a negative impact on your business
  • How to create a dream which engages your team
  • Limitations of trying to motivate people
  • Why picking the right people is so important
  • Focusing on the fundamentals
  • Working in weekly project cycles
  • Keeping out of the backend of your business and only doing what you are best at
  • Goal + Plan + Action over time

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