Our guest today Joeri Timp from Eastvantage is an ex-lawyer who moved to the land of opportunity- Philippines – and within 5 years has taken their business to 500 people.
I have worked with Joeri since starting my outsourcing business in 2012. During this time we have become great friends and I can honestly say Joeri is one of the most professional, savvy entrepreneurs I know. After working in law he jumped ship to HR because as in his own words ‘It looks more exciting’.
He ended up in the Philippines and whilst running one of the largest Legal Processing Operations in the world, he started a business on the side with his business partner Fred Tshidimba. Together, they have to build a business supporting 100’s of local Filipinos to live in a country they love whilst working with people from all over the world.
Joeri shares his love of dancing, singing and helping entrepreneurs to scale global businesses.
In the interview, Joeri talks from 1st hand experience on how to grow a company for 1 to 500 people in a short period of time.
What you will learn in the podcast

  • The importance of outsourcing
  • How to say yes more often and take your chances
  • The benefits of a partner in a foreign land
  • How to challenge your upbringing by thinking big
  • What it is like running your own business compared to working in a global law firm
  • His desire to do more with corporate social responsibility
  • How to get time to think about how to grow a business as you know more about
    it than anyone else

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