Jessica Silverman had a very successful career in finance whilst living with crippling anxiety and stress. She was physically, mentally and spiritually spent. She left Chicago and moved to California where she worked in Venture.
In the day she was due to return to work, she had a panic attack and resigned.
She now helps women entrepreneurs go through their transformational change, drawing from her own experience and unique talents.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • How you can physically, emotionally and spiritually make a lasting change in life
  • How to share your story and be vulnerable
  • How to layer your stories on social media
  • What social platforms she uses to build her adoring community
  • Why you need both evergreen and live offers
  • The importance of having one focus for the year
  • Why stepping into nature can help you to be creative
  • Giving a percentage of your business profits to charity each Friday


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