In the episode of Corporate Escapees – Experts, we are very lucky to have a global expert on podcasting Jeremy Slate. He Started the Create Your Own Life Podcast and runs Command Your Brand Media and Slate Media Productions. Jeremy shares his wisdom on how to get on the right podcast shows.

Key challenges when looking to get on a show

  • People not getting the basics right. Brand. Story. Website. Not positioning yourself as the opinion leader.
  • Not having a media page and credibility
  • Not having a well written professional pitch



  • Create a media page and speaker one sheet. Focus on Story, Message and call to action.
  • Engage a Podcast valet service to manage the process for you
  • Go to events and add value to podcasters eg writing article on medium about their podcast


Other comments and links

  • Listen to show you are going to go on and do the prep
  • Get to podcast events eg Podcast movement, Podfest etc
  • Audio is becoming more popular as per Gary Vee’s predictions
  • Hyper Niche down for your own show
  • Use local newspaper to build credibility
  • One key message in a podcast
  • Add value to the listeners
  • Call to action has an applied reason. Ebooks and book a call should not be CTA
  • Double opt-in for referring guests to each others’ podcasts
  • Start with asking to get on podcasts with <20 reviews and <50 episodes
  • Avoid being too salesy in interviews
  • Don’t bore people with facts and figures
  • Want to be an EPIC podcast guest and build your following? Download the Free Checklist


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