Jasper left his trader role 10 years ago and never have thought what it would have been to be an entrepreneur.
First three years were tough and then he turned a passion into a lifestyle business riding one of the biggest waves going around – poor pun based on Jasper’s love outside of work.
He helps people to make passive income through short term rentals.

Why Listen

  1. 3 must-do actions when jumping into entrepreneurship
  2. How to leverage SEO to grow your organic reach
  3. The importance of building a team sooner than you want to


What you will also learn

  • Best times to book Airbnb and flights
  • What benefits he got from masterminds
  • What format of webinars is working best
  • Secret tips for running a webinar
  • Virtual Assistant is only as good as your systems
  • Importance of nutrition and a successful business


Jasper’s top 3 personal effectiveness tips

  • Get up as soon as you wake
  • Get out of the house to work
  • Outsource


Tech Jasper could not live without to run his business


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