Jason Swenk spent 6 months working for Arthur Anderson and realised 1) He was unemployable and 2) There was a gold rush on (internet) and he had great skills to capitalise on it.
Jason build up a hugely successful agency and sold out to do what? He wasn’t sure. After helping out some buddies, Kimberly, his wife suggested that was it – An agency mentor.
Now he greats the stuff he wished he had when he run his agency.
Warning. Jason asks you to imagine something that is hard to take back.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Two essential to leadership – hire right and delegate outcomes not tasks
  • Why defining your North star and values is essential in business
  • Common sense isn’t always common practise – especially when it comes to pricing
  • Why systems and frameworks work – especially for creative agencies
  • How to solve scope creep in your agency
  • What the two essential skills he looks for in a great salesperson
  • The importance of podcasting in lead generation


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