Our guest Jamie Pride from The Founder Lab had a stellar career in technology, working around the globe. But being an entrepreneur at heart, he then left corporate.
He and his wife Sam decided to raise their three children in Australia and he returned to be CEO of
He then went on to create his own startup and had a successful exit.
Now he is helping build better founders, an area which he believes is still under serviced.
He gives loads of practical advise and this is an episode not to miss.

What you will learn in the podcast

  • Jamie’s musical background – you will never pick it!
  • What support you need when you are in a role is potentially beyond your capability
  • Why 92% of startups fail in 3 years and what you can do to avoid it
  • What traits they assess for founder suitability
  • What are the essential elements you need to get right in a startup
  • Why value is more important than scale
  • What is different about the USA v Australia when it comes to corporates
  • A killer morning routine
  • What makes a great startup team
  • Artificial Intelligence

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