Our guest today is Ilana Wechsler from Green Arrow Digital. She started her small business journey out of necessity and not as a choice. She had a near tragic experience in her life which lead her to leave corporate. She worked in the finance industry and even though they had the technology they didn’t have the mindset to let her work flexible hours and care for her children.
She talks through her challenges of scaling an agency business and gives great advice on Pay Per Click (PPC).
She has high integrity and this comes through on the podcast.
Illana is a lovely person and super smart – a podcast not to miss

What you will learn in the podcast
  • How near tragedy can shape your life if you take control
  • Tips that all small business people should adhere to for PPC
  • Her key challenges with scaling an agency
  • What platforms she uses to run a virtual team
  • Her current community involvement and the cause she is passionate about
  • Progress not perfection
  • Suite of tools she uses to run her agency


Links mentioned in the podcast

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