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If you still think Instagram is not the platform for B2B companies, think again. Corey Walker reveals tons of actional tips, so business owners start using reels to grow their business. She is the president of The Marketing Specialist, co-author of Instagram for Dummies, Instagram for Business for Dummies, and a how-to guide for using Instagram to market your business. In this episode, we will all learn the benefits of using Instagram and LinkedIn to accelerate our sales and how you can get in front of new people by using reels.



08:39 – Why would a B2B services business should turn to Instagram? Repurposes your long-form content into tips, before/after, images.

14:15 – Tips to rock your Instagram reels. Use text and audio.

20:37 – Hashtags on Instagram. Don’t use the huge ones, because you’ll get lost.

23:24 – How many reels you should be doing? The more, the merrier.

27:37 – How to find clients or partners on Instagram. Hashtags, competitors, industry leaders.

31:11 – This is what B2B business owners are missing out on Instagram. No more stock photos.

34:30 – The Sales Deep Dive. Corey’s sales habits.


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Instagram for B2B service businesses

There are so many people that are on Instagram on a daily basis just for their own pleasure. There is room for those B2B companies to be out there and give out tips. They could share their story about a before and after or how their company has improved over time. Corey believes there are things that you’re doing on LinkedIn that you could use in a reel on Instagram.

She uses Linktree, which means that you have one link on your bio, allowing you to have a landing page with many links on it. And now you can also link directly from your stories, something that was reserved for people with 10,000 followers or more. So if you have an article that you were featured in or a case study, that’s something that you could put on Instagram and link out. Corey also repurposes some of the reels that she does on Instagram. Not many people do that because they think Instagram is just for fun and LinkedIn is more for business. But there’s something worth trying.


Tips to rock your Instagram reels

Keep them short

You can do up to 60 seconds, and they’re talking about going up to three minutes. But Corey has found that the ones under 10 seconds are the most popular because people don’t have a long attention span unless it’s something they’re just super engaged with.


Text overlays

Have something that let people know what the video is about. E.g., Five websites I wish I had known sooner. People will know right away what’s this going to be about. If you use something with more of a hook, you’ll get people to wonder, and they’ll stay a little longer.


Find a trending audio

If you watch a lot of reels, you start hearing the same songs over and over, and at the bottom of the reels, it tells you what song it is. It’ll have a little arrow going up if it’s trending, so you know that one is on the rise. When you click on the song, it’ll take you to a page with all of the videos made with that audio. You can use it, film right there, or save it for later. If you’re not into reels, you could go to and trending songs on Tik Tok right now, which it transfers over.


Call to action and comments

It’s a good practice to add a call to action at the end of the reel. You could put it in the overlay text or the written caption. And just as on LinkedIn, if you comment on other people’s content, they’re going to get to know you a little bit better. A comment is worth so much more than a like. Corey’s advice: If you’re trying to grow on Instagram, spend a little time every day commenting on clients you’re looking at or people in the industry that you’re trying to network with. That is going to help you build a community.


How many reels should you be doing?

Corey says that people growing a lot on the platform have been doing daily reels and more than once a day. But for most people, that’s not likely to happen. One reel a week is a great start. All you need to do is practice because it takes some time the first couple of times you do it to learn how to add text and other features. If you want to create a template, you could make it on Canva. You can have a background, and then you can place the video within there.


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The Sales Deep Dive

What are the sales habits that help you accelerate your sales?

Interestingly enough, I go over to LinkedIn. I will go through and get some new connections on a daily basis and make sure I’m connecting with the right people. And then I do like to go and comment on different things and, like some things, get that activity going.


What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

I use ClickUp a lot, which is not as much of a sales tool, but it keeps me very organized. I’ve been doing more tool kits to help me with my onboarding. So that is helping in my sales process because I feel it makes the startup process with someone look more professional. So now a part of my sales process, I have it in ClickUp as a formal thing, and it links out to Google docs and other material.


What’s the best source of leads for your business?

I get a lot of personal referrals, but most of them will tell me they’ve been watching my stuff on Instagram, and they’re really like what I’m doing out there, probably because that is where I’m most active, and I share tons of information. So for me, Instagram is my biggest referral source.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I would definitely say hop on reels because if you look at your insights, it’s showing the video to many people who aren’t following you yet. So that’s just a great resource for getting in front of new people to follow you and, hopefully, eventually buy from you.



About Corey Walker

Corey Walker is the co-author of Instagram for Dummies, and Instagram for Business for Dummies, a how-to guide for using Instagram to market your business.

She is also the owner of The Marketing Specialist, a digital marketing agency in El Dorado Hills, California. Corey works with several clients to produce social media strategies, including creating graphics and written content, advising on video, scheduling content, buying ads, and tracking analytics.

She loves helping businesses achieve success in the online world!



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