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The investment call is the result of a lot of work on your and your team’s behalf. So if you got to this point, you better do it right to close more sales. During this solo show, you will learn what exactly is an investment call and what is the structure I came up with after all my years of sales experience.


01:42 – What is an investment call

03:38 – How to structure an investment call

08:10 – Three key actions from today


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What is an investment call?

When it comes to an investment call, there are two schools of thought: Everything happens in one call or in two. I fall under the second bucket. I liked to diagnose first and prescribe in a second call. The potential clients that I have the most trouble with are those who say yes too quickly and rush into it. I want them to think about it and be sure that we’re the right solution for them.

The investment call is when the client is yes or no. You can send the proposal beforehand, but I like to send it after. I want to have all the facts in the prospective client’s exact words in the proposal. I use a software called, but I’ve also used Pandadocs in the past. It’s a template, so it doesn’t take me long to insert the information. And often, my team insert that, but I want that custom data to be in there.


How to structure an investment call

It’s best to have all stakeholders in the zoom room, but it’s not always possible. So I like to record it and make sure that I send them the deck and the proposal afterwards. My process to structure these calls results from my 18 years at Coca Cola, where we had so much sales training, and my 11 years of running a business, including five of those running a tech consulting business.


Reflect on the call. It’s the first question I asked them. What was your biggest takeout? What are your biggest questions? What have you done since then? Who’ve you spoken to? What other options have you thought of?


Quantitative results. We fill out a table together because I find that often you can get lost. If you don’t structure the proposal, it’s hard to measure the results. A couple of examples: I’ll have their revenue, their gross margin, their EBIT margin, cash in the bank, wages, retained profit, hours a week that they want to work, and so on.


Qualitative results. They have something to do with the system they’re trying to create. So often, what I do is help people set up their sales system. They may want to bring in a CEO or a COO, or a president of someone to run the business. Or they may want to improve their recruitment process or have a LinkedIn outreach campaign.


How do we work? I like to show them exactly how we’re going to work, to make it easy for them to know exactly what to do and when to do it. I have a master file with a scorecard, where the recordings are going to be, and everything they need to feel a hundred per cent comfortable.


Investment. I believe through the research I did back then and my own experience to give them three options. Typically, you can structure it from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. I usually go highest to lowest, and most times, I’ll pick the middle one just as an FYI.


ROI. You have the quantitative objectives there. But what I do is pick up one client at least and work out their average deal size in the first three months to recover the program’s cost alone. And then talk about the best, the middle and the worst-case scenario, so they get a bit of a range there.


Proposal. I show them exactly what the proposal’s going to look like. Not in detail, but what they’ll receive. And then we do a Q&A.


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Three key actions from today

  1. If you are doing one call, test the two calls approach
  2. Apply the structure to your business
  3. Contact me at [email protected] and I will review your deck


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