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If you don’t have a background in sales, you probably don’t feel comfortable selling and spend more time in delivery or other parts of your business. But the truth is that you should be doing the sales yourself as a business owner. In this episode, Paul takes you through four actions you can take to get more comfortable and start spending more time in sales.


01:29 – Doing your own sales versus bringing in a salesperson

03:26 – Tip 1: Get the right people

04:53 – Tips 2: Get the right mindset

06:24 – Tip 3: Get the right support

07:25 – Tip 4: Get the right tools

09:42 – Key actions from today


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Doing your own sales versus bringing in a salesperson

The more I work with cloud consultants, the more recurring patterns I see. I’ve mentioned on a few other podcasts in the past that the owner is the best person to sell for businesses up to a million dollars in annual revenue. And I got this great advice from a book called Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson. 

But I actually think that could also work for businesses with higher annual recurring revenue. I’ve had clients that make 10 million plus, and they’re still the person that predominantly does the sales. I’m talking about the closing, not all the detail. 

Bringing a salesperson to any business is a risk. Some work brilliantly, but most of them don’t. And right now, it’s particularly hard to find really good people. And if you do find them, you’re paying ridiculous amounts. So why not do it yourself?


Four tips for doing your own sales

1. The right people

I always get my clients to do a future organization chart because you might be wearing many hats, so all you need to do is map out which ones you want to let go of. You can do just a normal task audit and track for two days or maybe a week all the key things you do. And then you can start questioning what you should keep yourself, what you could delegate to someone else, and what you could delete. 

Now, have you heard that you should always be recruiting? I think we should take more risks in our own business. Some people wait until they get the revenue to employ people. But let’s face it, that time really ever comes. And sometimes, if you’ve got a positive constraint, like having overhead in the business, you will find a way to get the sales done.


2. The right mindset

We typically have a fear of failure. If you don’t have sales experience, you probably haven’t had much success with it in the past, and you will bring that experience into the present and the future. Let’s face it; you’ll then go to where you’re comfortable, that for most of my clients is delivery. So they spend more time on delivery because sales is very uncomfortable for them. 

But if you haven’t had 18 years of experience in sales in one of the best sales companies in the world, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s very easy and comfortable for me because I had that experience and training in Coca-Cola, plus owning my business for 11 years. So I recommend you get some skills to do it yourself. You don’t have to spend the 28 years as I did, but you can do it a lot quicker by getting someone who can help you upskill yourself. My advice: Don’t try to do it yourself because it is a mindset, and it’s very hard to see the label from the jar.


3. The right support

Numerous studies say 50% of sales is admin. Whether it is 50 or 40, it doesn’t matter, let go of the admin in sales. Get someone to undertake that for you, just like one of our services. We bring one of our team members in; they’ve already been trained, they already know the system, and they’ll do LinkedIn outreach for you. They can act on your behalf and do a lot of things that could be you but don’t necessarily need to be you.


4. The right tools

The most important thing here is don’t rely on your memory. I will never forget this book about memory. The first chapter is dedicated to telling the reader to no use their memory. And I thought that’s not a great start for a memory book. But what they said, as an example, is if your children go to a party, they leave all the gear everywhere. So just pick it up and put it near your car keys. You can’t leave the party without your car keys if you’re driving. Therefore you’ll remember that all the stuff is there. Simple things like that. So use the tools that you’ve already got, like your CRM.


Key actions from today

  1. Do your future organisation chart and start recruiting 
  2. Seek a coach/mentor who can help upskill you in sales
  3. Hire a sales VA/admin 
  4. Use your CRM to stop you wasting time.


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