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HubSpot is one of the leading tech tools in the market for businesses of all sizes. In this episode, Islin Munisteri, co-founder of Theia Marketing and a HubSpot Platinum partner agency, talks to Paul about how the platform can help you scale your business. 

You will learn why HubSpot is a good choice and where the platform is heading, how to use data triggers to find leads for your agency, and, finally, how using AI will help you improve your sales calls.



02:50 – What are the problems Islin helps to solve? She develops and puts business processes into the HubSpot CRM.

05:31 – Marketing, sales and customer service in one CRM. Key tools for a successful business.

07:08 – How does HubSpot support the growth of RevOps? HubSpot helps you have a broader understanding of your business.

11:10 – Financial packages + HubSpot. There is more work to be done.

15:17 – Systems versus people. Systems become intricate enough so you need to hire people to take care of them.

19:44 – Islin source of leads. Explore different channels and identify where your stronger prospects are coming from.

27:35 – Professional communities. Leads, partnerships and training.

29:27 – The Sales Deep Dive. Islin’s sales habits.


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How does HubSpot support the growth of RevOps?

RevOps (Revenue Operations) is about supporting the business and getting the info about processes, people and data to understand the full picture of your business, where you need to tighten up your processes and what’s falling through the cracks. And as the business successfully scales, you will face a lot of growing pains that you would like to solve as soon as possible in a scalable way.

For Islin, HubSpot helps you do that. They have a lot of marketing automation, so you can quickly generate nurturing campaigns to engage people you might not have engaged with in a long time. And they also have a CMS, forms for landing pages and a sales tool to manage and understand your pipeline. You can have a much broader understanding of your business with HubSpot.


Financial packages + HubSpot

Islin explains that HubSpot currently integrates with QuickBooks, Netsuite and a few other platforms. But, hopefully, they will continue to evolve and develop in the future a stronger financial integration or even create a financials tool in the actual HubSpot environment one day. That would mean it will function as an ERP, not just the CRM. So, as far as integrations to finances, there’s a lot of work to be done.


Systems versus people

When you’re first implementing HubSpot, you don’t necessarily need a marketing ops or a sales ops person to run the system. You could have an agency or a consultant help you along the way. But as you grow and scale, your processes get more complex, and you have more people in the system. So for Islin, systems, at some point, become intricate enough that you need to hire someone to take care of them. And that could be a revenue operations person to oversee the whole tech operation.

Even though HubSpot is way more UX-friendly and less complex than other platforms, as it continues to grow, some companies would probably want to hire a general operation person to oversee the system. There are already new roles popping up like HubSpot admin, HubSpot technologists or HubSpot strategists for this same purpose.


Professional communities

Islin leads the Women in Revenue HubSpot community, where they have quarterly virtual events for anyone in the US or that time zone. And she’s also joined the Cloud Consultants Collective as a way to find new partnerships. She finds great value in communities like these because it’s not all about leads. You connect with people that would help you grow and scale your business. But it’s also about give and take; it’s not a one-way flow.


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The Sales Deep Dive

What are the sales habits that help you accelerate your sales?

I would say doing at least an hour of LinkedIn messaging, cold calling, email sequence, or whatever that prospecting activity looks like. That really helps move the needle. I randomly book two hours of focus time from my day and try to do it during my focus time.


What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales? is for sales coaching. So it listens to your calls and the AI gives you sales coaching tips. Another competitor to Chorus is Gong. So using one of those two will help improve your sales capabilities.


What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I’ve reflected back on our early days, and it’s really about growing your mindset. That’s the foundational aspect. If you don’t have the mindset work done, either from therapy or coaching or a sales program, you need to definitely work on the mindset because, without the mindset, all those prospecting activities, all the discovery calls, the proposal calls, like none of it really works without having the mindset.


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About Islin Munisteri

Islin Munisteri

Islin Munisteri cofounded Theia Marketing.

They are a HubSpot Platinum partner agency and puts client business processes into the CRM.

They’ve lived in Texas, Alaska, and Colorado.




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