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So big shout out to Scott who asked me a question on what sales CRMs I recommend. And it was related to episode 266, The Nine Custom Fields You Should Have in Your Sales CRM. So, 266, check that out. And what I recommend is two. So one is Copper sales CRM, for Gmail clients. And for outlook, I recommend Sales Flare.

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So today’s topic is: How To Remove Yourself From Doing 50% of The Admin Work In Sales.

You’ll learn how I got to 50% of my options and where to start on LinkedIn.

So where to start handing your admin workload off your hands from LinkedIn to somebody else.

So I got the 50% from time and motion studies that I did at Coca Cola. So yes, it’s a bit dated. It’s back in the, you know, 2011 when I left, but it was sort of, about 2009 – 2008, but I don’t think it really changed. And then also I’ve done some recent client tracking. So when I mentor people on sales, it’s one of the things we do, and that was pretty close to that 50%.

And then there’s also articles that I’ve read from HubSpot and others. So, does it really matter if it’s 50% or not? Look, it doesn’t overall, it’s too high. I think we all get that and it makes a great headline to say 50%, but really, you know, if it’s 30%, 50% anywhere around that range, it’s too much. So the most important thing is how to reduce it.

And there’s three simple things that I want to talk about today.


1. Get a sales admin person.

So you’ve probably heard me to death. If you’re a regular listener talking about the importance of having a virtual assistant or admin staff. Now, it didn’t really matter whether it was in office virtual work, because most of us are now working more remotely. It makes sense to get a remote one and there’s some fantastic options and I’m more than happy if you just want to ask me through the questions that I mentioned above and or mention below, just ask me, I’ve got lots of referrals.

I ran an outsourcing company for close to five years, myself, and I really know, who out there in the grand scheme of things have got great VA’s. In particular sales, admin related VA’s for service-based business owners like yourself. But you know, you get that person and effectively what you can do is just a timesheet, everything that you’re doing in sales. If it’s a bit of a three paper, I know for Americans, it doesn’t always translate. That’s an Australian thing I recently found out, but you know what I mean, If you get a large piece of paper and you write all the things that you’re doing from a sales base, and then you just draw a line saying, what should you only do on what you can remove.

You can do the exact same thing in a Google sheet, if you like. Or what I used to do is tag it in my Asana, you know, basically sales admin. And every time I did a task that was sales admin based, I would then have a collection. So how you get it is really up to you, but it’s great to get that list. And then you can look to hand that off. And yes, there’s some training involved and there’s a bit of hardship at the start to pick the right person, train them, but believe me, it’s well worth it in the long run. So that was number one, get a sales admin person. Remember to hit me up. If you need a contact on someone that provides that number.


2. Automate your sales funnel.

So if you go back to Joelle Lewis, episode 160, he talks really well about automating a sales funnel, but this has made a huge difference to my business.

I used to do a lot of the pre-work before a client got on the call and also on the call itself because I was constantly having to educate, I had to update, do a lot more research than I really needed to do. And now that I’ve automated that, so I’ve got some Lead magnets, I’ve got some masterclasses, those things that made a huge difference in reducing the amount of work that I need to do for me to really help educate clients and get to know them better. I’ve automated that through a sales funnel, we use a couple of great platforms. We use DUBB. Who’s a sponsor of this podcast normally. So we use them and some other ways to do it. So yes, there’s Active Campaign, etcetera, but it really makes a great difference in doing that.
That’s number two, automate your sales funnel.


3. Automate your sales CRM.

So there’s automatically tasks assigned. And what we do is we use Copper, but not the task base, right. We actually automated into Asana that’s where the tasks go into, but it automatically tells my team when they need to follow up when they need to add fields, all of that. So by automating your sales CRM, it reduces the admin work you’re doing, but it also reduces the work that the sales admin person you get on. So, I know I’ve sort of covered it at a bit of a top-line here, just due to time, but there’s really those three key things in this section, which is, how do you let go of that? You know, 30 to 50%.

Get a sales admin person.

Automate your sales funnel.

Joel Lewis episode 160 is a great one.

Automate your CRM.

If you choose Copper sales for it, doesn’t really matter.


So before we go to where you can start, what I’m going to show you and give you a resource from LinkedIn, would you like to learn how to quickly scale and escape a referral-only business to create a steady stream of high quality leads? So you can go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales, and you can learn The Three Steps To Deliver Repeatable Sales In My Free Live Masterclass. If you really struggle to get the results yourself well this will definitely help you.

  1. How to remove yourself from doing 50% of the manual work. So what I do is go into more detail than what I’ve shown and spoken to you about today
  2. Is LinkedIn success secrets made easy and step
  3. Is how to attract and sell to red hot buyers that trust every word you say, wouldn’t that be lovely?

So they’re the three key things it’s on the 17th of February, 2021. So hopefully you’re listening before that. And it’s 2:00 PM EST Eastern standard time, or as I normally say New York, but that’s not disrespectful to the other people that are in that time zone. So go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales.


Where to start. Okay. So if you go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions and just put in there LinkedIn, my team’s already been worded up. What we’ll do is send you a full task list of what my sales admin person does for me. Okay. I’ll give you a couple of examples. So, the posting, right? I call that a sales admin because you’re creating content, So some people call it marketing. But for my definition, just call it sales time. So yes, you can write the content, but everything else, the posting, we use a particular software, to boost likes and comments.

All of that can be done by an admin person. Birthdays, right? So that’s a great way of building connections. I think that’s a sales process on LinkedIn. You can record a video once they can then do it when they get the notifications, you know, I could just go on and on, but I’ve got a full list there. So just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/questions, and just type in LinkedIn and I’ll get my team to send it to you.


Three key actions from today:

  1. Review your sales in admin time, and most importantly, make some changes. Okay.
  2. Register for the free webinar
  3. Get the LinkedIn roles template.

As I’ve just mentioned, you can get all the links in the show notes at paulhigginsmentoring.com/podcast, episode number 270 on the app. You’re listening to now. I recommend that the pocket cast app and remember the LinkedIn roles one, won’t be part of the show note link.

That’s where you’ve got to go to questions to get it. So listen to episode 0.5. If you are new, it gives you a great overview. And the other one is to register for how to quickly scale and escape, a referral-only business through a greater steady stream of high quality leads. Just go to paulhigginsmentoring.com/sales, please connect and follow me on LinkedIn. That’s where I put out my best content. And I’d love to see yours. If you know someone interested in reducing manual work in sales, please share this with them. They would love you for it.

Please take action and to Build, Live and Give.





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