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You know your sales process is working when you’re getting the right leads for your product or service into the funnel. In this episode, Peter Coy, a Zoho Authorized Partner and certified consultant, will share the sales qualification process that keeps him busy. He will also go through how he uses paid advertising on LinkedIn and manages remote teams.



04:13 – These are the problems Peter helps his clients solve. Implementing new technology.

07:27 – Sales qualification process. DAWN

13:36 – Deals Process. Measures how many leads worked out and how many didn’t.

18:21 – Source patterns. Make no assumptions, measure everything.

20:45 – LinkedIn ads. Test before getting on paid advertising.

27:20 – Source of leads. Zoho consultants page.

31:33 – Remote teams. Zoho Cliq is the tool for managing remote teams.

34:45 – Other Zoho products. There are around 50 applications in the market.

36:51 – The Sales Deep Dive. Peter’s sales habits.


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Sales qualification process: DAWN

DAWN is the process Peter uses in his business to qualify leads, and it’s an acronym for Dollars Authority When and Need. Like with any other client, they start the conversation with the NEED, figuring out what they’re trying to achieve and explaining that implementing a new system will help them overcome some issues, and improve their operation and the quality of life of the people who work for them.

WHEN is the second element that they mostly work against it since most clients expect a quick implementation because their current licences might be expiring soon. AUTHORITY refers to who they are talking to close the deal. Is the decision maker? Is the executive team? They need to ensure that everyone with a say in this is involved.

DOLLAR is all about the budget, which could be very tricky because it’s difficult to get a hard number that has been authorised by the board. Plus, in the initial qualification, they hadn’t won their trust sufficiently that they don’t really talk about what’s actually going on in terms of money. But later on, they get to be quite connected to, particularly the system’s main sponsor, who is the person making the decisions on the client side.


Deals Process

Typically that DAWN process is something Prodigm does before they add a particular prospect situation into what they call Deals Process. This process measures how many leads worked out and how many of them did not work out. And in both cases, they liked to find out and record why didn’t it work out or why it did it. 

Getting also the lead source, where they come from, is essential to the process. That’s how they connect sales results with marketing expenditures, anything from landing pages to advertising. They will record which specific ad worked, not just the general campaign, among other things.

And the key to having that conversation with your potential clients is building a good relationship with them over the course of the sales process. If you’re in a competition and lose, the potential client doesn’t generally share why they chose the other alternative. But if you also work on the relationship, they might tell you more details about it.


LinkedIn ads

Paid advertising can get quite expensive quite quickly. So Peter’s approach to that is to test posting to target people before starting to pay LinkedIn ads. They test if their pitch is actually reaching the right audience and if it’s valuable to them. And if you don’t have the money to advertise to everybody, he recommends using programmatic ads to test what the response looks like from specific demographics. Once you find out which demographic is identifiable and what is most interested in what you’re talking about, then you move over to LinkedIn advertising.


How to manage a remote team

Peter’s essential tool to manage his remote team is Zoho Cliq, a Team Communication Software. It’s so valuable that no one in his team needs to pick up the phone to talk to any other team member. It’s like WhatsApp with full security where they will share documents or share links to documents and additional information. It has that posting capability, and you can call somebody as if it were a telephone. They basically stopped using the phone. So, in Peter’s words, it’s a very worthwhile inexpensive facility for sharing documents, coordinating the team, and having unplanned meetings is the best way to put it.


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The Sales Deep Dive

What are the sales habits that help you accelerate your sales?

It’s tasks for us. We have tasks associated with people and with deals, and those are prioritized and dated. So we mark off whether we’ve done and work through the tasks so that if we don’t have a meeting, that’s what we’re doing. We’re working through the tasks that we’ve allocated. A very good habit, easy to do.

What are some of the tech tools you use to accelerate your sales?

Other than Zoho, we use programmatic advertising. But all of our tech tools are part of the Zoho ecosystem.

What is one action that someone can take to 10 X their sales today?

I would say that this level of automation and linking between marketing and sales is essential. And having a sales process, which you also support so that people can easily do the right thing. That’s the key to successful systems, make it easy for people to do the right thing. That’s going to be successful, and they’re going to like it.


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About Peter Coy

Peter Coy

Peter Coy is a Zoho Authorized Partner and Certified Consultant and has been President of Prodigm Inc. since 1992.


Peter has been responsible for completing hundreds of design, development and implementation projects for multi-user software systems in insurance sales, publishing and automated marketing environments, including over thirty Zoho CRM implementations in the last 18 months.



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