How To Nail Your Offers

Sales Strategies for Consulting Businesses

If you can’t get clients, you may not have the fundamentals of your offer in place to make it easy for people to buy your product or service. And as James Schramko says, you don’t have a business until you have an offer that converts.

Paul is here to help. During this solo episode, he lists some actions that you can take to package your offer and make it clearer for your clients. First, you need to choose a certain number of offers and select which one will be the priority to get the expected revenue. From there, implement the other elements, and you will have an offer that converts.


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Today's topic is how to nail your offers. What you will learn is why offers matter. Obviously had an album and a free row of resources to help you along the way. So a mentor of mine, James Schramko, taught me that you don't have a business until you have an offer that converts. And every time I think about it, that's ultimately what comes to that core heart of your business. And I know a lot of people I work with, just don't have that offer. And what is an offer? To me, it's just a product or service you provide for money to solve a problem. And the problem is obviously one that your clients have. And remember that a confused buyer never buys. So I see so many consultants of business owners who are brilliant at what they do, but they don't package it up in a way that it's easy to buy. 


Also, I've seen many having so many offers or, the other side of the scale, they don't have enough, right? So you're either famine or faced. When I was at Coca Cola, we did a lot of research into the number of offers. And we also learned from some of our largest global clients, just think of McDonald's as an example. And, you know, there was small, medium and large, right? And, you know, take a moment, pause, or just think about which ones do you think, or which of the three sold the most. 


If you said it was the medium cup, you're dead right. So, you've learned a little bit about what offers are, et cetera. Now let's jump into hell. So put them down in one place. Okay. I see so many people that have different landing pages, sales pages, all over the place. So put them in one place. The other one is to work from free to your highest paid left or right. So you can actually see that ascension model. Now I know that not every client's going to go through a perfect ascension model, but just map it out that way. Now, for any of my Asian listeners, I apologise because I know that sometimes you go from right to left. So yes, you have it the opposite way. Think, create some of the key elements, right? That you need in this office sheet or this office table. And I'm going to share with you the framework at the end or how you can get the framework at the end. 


The first one is your revenue priority. I see a lot of people and they're selling everything or they're selling their lowest ticket item, or they're putting all their effort into the wrong item. So you really got to prioritise of the total revenue that you want to get per month, which one is going to be your priority and you work from there backwards. I'm still a big believer to focus on one thing at a time, on one key product. The second is your key competitors. So on that specific product, what are some of the offers in the market? Now, a lot of people say, look, I've got no competitors. I don't believe that, there's gotta be someone out there. So ask your clients who else they're looking at when they pick you. And they'll tell you, it's either clients or clients that you've missed. 


The next is the strategy. And this is really important, but what is the strategy for this offer? So for example, is it your Trojan horse? So is it something that you're getting people in the door with, so then you can upsell them to something else? Is it something that you are down selling? You know, is it something that it's a free lead magnet, but what's the specific action you want them to take? So that's around the strategy. The next is your ideal client. So many people say, look, my ideal client is the same. And I get that. But where is the ideal client at the point that they're actually engaging with this offer, right? Because your ideal clients can go on a journey. So where are they at a specific point? So also make sure you list that. 


The next is the key pain points, right? So now it's obvious and sometimes they're very generic, but these have to be the specific pain points that you've heard your ideal clients say in sales calls with you, in client calls with you. Get as specific as possible. We want to use their words. The next is the solution. So how do you provide that? A lot of people run to the features before they go to the solution or benefits. So what are those solutions that you're providing? In a moment I'm going to talk about some others. 


Before I continue, do you find yourself struggling with these three common challenges: You've taught yourself sales and not sure what you don't know? You get unpredictable referrals and inhibit your confidence to invest in your business? And the last, sales or a sales system to scale without, you know, you stepping back? Which ultimately limits your growth. And then three to double consulting revenue through referrals without wasting your precious time. Just go to and that'll be in the show notes. 


So we talked about solutions just before we broke, but the next is results. And really clearly what the results are. And the more specific you are, the better. Then list the features, right? So these are the key things. And if you're thinking of this, as we go through, it's really looking at what you would put in a sales page or a VSL, a video sales letter, you know, what are the key features? What are they going to get? But don't put that before the solutions and the results. Then the T's and C's, is there anything in particular for this product, the guarantees? So what are some of the guarantees that you're going to offer? And look, I'm not a big one on that a hundred percent money back guarantee, especially if you're a consultant, because you know, it takes effort on both sides of the fence, but you can be specific. As an example, what happens if they are unwell or sick or something happens and they can't work for a while. What's the guarantee around that? 


Then you want to track a couple of the key measures. Often I'll say to people, okay, you've got this great offer, but what's your objective now? What do you mean? I said, well, how many leads do you need a week? So how many leads do you need? And we've got a little calculator that can convert, you know, how many leads you need to ultimately get clients, things like that. Your other thing is your conversion ratios. So how much are you going to convert? Also clients. How many clients can you actually take for this? Now often when we do this exercise, people realise, well, I can't keep doing one-on-one private work all the time. I need to work out other offers that can help me scale and not be so limited to myself. So that's really important. 


And then the other one is the sales funnel. So what's the sales funnel going to look like to get you to ultimately convert the sales? And the sales funnel is it webinars, is it certain lead magnets? I think that's really important to flesh that out. Because once again, I say a lot of people saying I just can't get clients. And I'm like, yeah, that's because you don't have the fundamentals of your offer in place to actually make it easy for people to buy. 


So three key actions from today, and I know this one's a little bit shorter. One is go to for our template, right? I'll give you an example of what we've got and then also something that you can do. It's a Google doc. It's quite simple. And then if you want to ask me questions, you can always reach out. The second is download your offers and put it all into this template, right? Just put it all into one page and then make sure that you go and either end products that aren't right or fill the gaps in products that you need. 


You can get all the links in the show notes so that the link to will be in there. Or go to the app you're listening to now and you can get it. And the show is, as a reminder, 338. Please follow me on LinkedIn. I put a lot of great content out there and there'll be a summary of this one. And if you know someone who's interested in cleaning up their offers to get offers that convert, which is really gonna move the needle, please share it with them. They will love you, and you can be their sales hero. Please take action to accelerate your sales.




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